Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Acura

May 29th, 2018 by

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There’s a lot that goes into luxury car care if you want to keep your investment in tip-top shape, from basic maintenance to major repairs. At Mike Hale Acura, our Acura service team is here to help you out. Let’s start with a guide on spring cleaning for your vehicle.

Clean the Underbody of the Car.

Winter is full of inclement weather that can really stir up dirt, mud, and grime in the streets. In addition to making your car look bad, that dirt and grime gets lodged in your car’s underbelly—often unnoticed, but potentially causing real corrosive damage. Take your car to a high-quality car wash with high-pressure underbody equipment.

Wax the Exterior.

Acura vehicles are meant to be seen, and there’s no better time to show them off then spring and summer. Wax the exterior of your car to show off every last curve of your Acura. In addition to making it look good, waxing also serves to protect the vehicle.

Clean Out the Interior

Throughout the course of the winter, you and your passengers have likely tracked plenty of dirt into the interior—not to mention garbage you’ve forgotten to throw out. Clean out the interior of your luxury car with using:

  • A vacuum
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Window washer fluid
  • Leather conditioner

Check Your Air Conditioning Unit

Technically more on the “maintenance” end of the luxury car care spectrum, checking your air conditioning unit’s ventilation system and coolant is important this time of year—especially in the heat of Murray.

Take Care of Your Luxury Car with the Help of Mike Hale Acura

Luxury car care starts with you, but it also requires a team of Acura certified technicians with a proven ability of offering quality luxury car service. Check out our service specials to help you with the financial end of maintenance. Springtime is a great time to come by and get your oil changed, get your filters replaced, check your tires, and run through a general inspection checklist. Just one trip to Mike Hale Acura, and you’ll see why it’s good to shop with us. If you have any questions, please contact us today.

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