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How to Check Tire Tread Depth

What are bald tires? Tire tread depth measures from the bottom of the tire’s grooves to the top of the tread rubber. If tires reach 2/32″, then they’re considered bald. How long can you drive on bald tires? Having no tread on your tires is highly dangerous and heightens the risk of an accident on Salt Lake City roads – especially in snowy Utah conditions. That said, driving on bald tires is never worth the risk. Find out how to measure tire tread depth with your Salt Lake City-area Acura service center. If your tires are bald, you can purchase a new set directly from our Acura tire store.



How to Tell if Your Tires Are Bald

Perform any of these simple tests to determine if your tires are bald and need to be replaced:

  • Penny Test – Turn a penny upside down and insert it into the tire’s tread groove, with the head side pointing in your direction. If you can see all of Honest Abe’s head, that means your tread depth is under 2/32″, and you should get your tires replaced right away.
  • Quarter Test – Want to know if you still have some time left before changing your tires? Take a quarter out and insert it upside down with the head facing you like the penny test. If the tread touches Washington’s head, you have 4/32″ or more of tread left. Although your tires have some breathing room, it’s best not to drive much farther on them. You should replace your tires at your earliest convenience.
  • Tread Wear Indicator – If you don’t have a penny or quarter on you, there’s another simple way to check your tire tread depth. These indicators are located toward the bottom of the tread grooves in various locations around the tire. If the tread wear indicator becomes flush with the ribs on either side of the tread, there’s 2/32″ or less tread remaining, and you should get your tires replaced immediately.

How Long Can You Drive On Bald Tires?

So, you’ve determined that your tires are bald. Like other busy drivers in South Jordan, you may wonder: how long can you drive on bald tires? Driving with no tread on your tires is extremely dangerous to you and the other drivers around you, as your vehicle no longer has adequate traction on the road. Don’t risk it – if your tires are bald, you must replace them as soon as possible.

Rely on Mike Hale Acura for Tire Care

What are bald tires? If the tread is 2/32″ or less, your tires are bald. Turn to the service experts at Mike Hale Acura in Murray, UT, to help you find and install the right tires for your vehicle. Explore our service specials for discounts on Acura-approved tires, and contact us today to get started! We’re a short drive from West Jordan.

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